This Lent we will be walking to Jerusalem, side-by-side with Jesus and the Israelites as we study the Gospel of Luke and learn to pray the Psalms of Ascent. This page is dedicated to walking alongside you on this pilgrimage to paradise – the New Creation. Check back each week for new resources including songs, playlists, albums, Scripture readings, prayers, poems, devotionals, and more!


Lent Schedule:


Lent is a 6-week season during which we practice remembrance, possibly through fasting, repentance, and prayer. As we walk from the mountain to Jerusalem, we remember the 40 days of rain,the 40 years in the wilderness, Nineveh’s 40 days to repent, and the 40 days of Christ’s temptations. We step into the stories of healing, with 6 stops along the way each Sunday, to witness glimpses of our future rest. We walk in the shoes of those who have gone before so that we too may understand the joy of their deliverance and, as we walk next to Christ being conformed into His image, testify to all that He has done for us.

Psalms of Ascent:
The Psalms of Ascent are the prayers of a people who carry 40 years in the desert, persecution, slavery, and exile, all of which undergirded by promise and election – God’s choice and blessing. These prayers have a promise-laden optimism that nips at the heels of the speakers’ enemies, pouts in the dirt when told “not yet,” and expects an outcome in a specific way, with a specific crown, on a specific throne, in a specific place. But in praying them himself, Jesus reveals their true meaning: that these prayers are prophetic of the new creation – they are an image of a future reality which Israel saw and knew only in part, just as we do now in our perpetual promise-laden wilderness. This is why, as Israel looked ahead to Jesus, we now look back: so that we may see and know in full, through the face of Jesus Christ, that the promise of the new creation is certainly true.


*RCL – Revised Common Lectionary