This dashboard is your tour guide to all things Advent-Epiphany 2022! Welcome home. Below you will find resources for daily and weekly engagement like playlists, poems, devotions, meditations, and so much more. We are incredibly thankful for the good work that A Sanctified Art has done in curating “Close to Home.” This resource has supplied all of the material you need to practice a deeply formed Advent Spirituality. Feel free to peruse the many wonders below. But first, a quick word about Advent:

What is it?

Advent is the 4-week season in the Christian’s calendar that anticipates Christmas. It begins the Monday following “Christ the King” Sunday and ends on Christmas Eve. Literally meaning “arrival,” Advent prepares us for both the second coming of Jesus and his birth. To symbolize this, Advent usually uses purple and pink to communicate somber hope. However, blue can also be used to communicate expectant joy, like that of Mary, and is the color we’ve chosen to fill our eyes with this year. You can read more about Advent in our “Statement of Liturgical Intent” below.



  • Schedule Overview:
    • Sunday Services
      • Week 1: Hope (11/28)
      • Week 2: Love (12/5)
      • Week 3: Joy (12/12)
      • Week 4: Peace (12/19)
    • Special Events:

Credit Info:

Wherever You Are” | Song written & produced by Barnaby Bright (Nathan & Becky Bliss) |
Featuring cello by Sascha Groschang | Mixed by Bryan Cook | Mastered by Jett Galindo at “The Bakery”
Featuring visual art by Lisle Gwynn Garrity, Lauren Wright Pittman, & Hannah Garrity | Video by Lisle Gwynn Garrity |
A Sanctified Art LLC |

Longest Night Liturgy: Liturgy & poetry by Rev. Sarah (Are) Speed | A Sanctified Art LLC |

Calendar: Prompts by Rev. Anna Strickland | Calendar designed by Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman | A Sanctified Art LLC |

Poetry by Rev. Sarah Speed | A Sanctified Art LLC |

Visual Art: “[Image title]” by [Artist’s name] | A Sanctified Art LLC | (See Visual Art Collection for Respective Titles and Names)

Branding: Graphic Design by Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman | Original photography by Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity | A Sanctified Art LLC |