We call it our “Second Hour”, the hour following worship on Sunday mornings, from 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

During this hour the following regular and occasional learning opportunities are offered.

Adult Study Fellowship (ASF)

The Adult Study Fellowship is primarily a Senior Adult class (including persons age 50’s through 90’s) that meets in the Fellowship Hall during 2nd Hour. This class shares a teaching rotation of leaders and utilizes the Judson Journey’s curriculum.

ASF is a caring community that also regularly shares in fellowship opportunities.  A Sunday meal out is often part of their tradition.

The Chapel Class

A small group discussion class meets during Second Hour in the Chapel (hence the name) to discuss that Sunday morning’s message and worship experience.  The class is often facilitated by one of the pastors or another adult leader and offers participants opportunities for fellowship as well as faith formation.  Any and all are welcome.

J.O.Y. Class  (Not currently meeting due to Covid-19 concerns)

The Jesus Others You class is a small group of Senior adults who meet in the Prayer Room. They utilizes the Standard Bible Lesson for curriculum.

Grow Groups

Fall and Spring Grow Groups are usually offered during our 2nd Hour for those who find that time of the week the most convenient to participate.

Adult Electives

Occasional intergenerational elective sessions are offered during 2nd Hour by various ministry teams. These might be multi or single session and focus on education, health, mission or some other topic. We have also used this time for our Sermon Conversation Series (as announced), an opportunity for further dialogue on the message shared during worship.

Coffee Fellowship

On the last Sunday of each month we utilize the 2nd Hour for Coffee Fellowship. This is a time for community gathering around good food, allowing persons to catch up with old friends, meet new friends and get better acquainted.   (Most regular 2nd Hour classes do not meet on this Sunday).

Second Hour News

Current Study Opportunities:

  • Discussion Small Group – dialogue around the morning’s sermon and worship.  Meets in the Chapel
  • Adult Study Fellowship (A.S.F.) Class, follows the Judson Press “Journeys” curriculum.  Meets in the Fellowship Hall.