During the month of August, we will be sharing a series of sermons called “Prayers of the People”.  We have chosen six Biblical prayers to see what we can discover about our own prayer life during this time from their example.  Pastor Daniel will be looking for ways to include other elements in worship that support this theme.  He may even be asking you to help by providing prayers during this series.

Here’s an overview of the August through Labor Day weekend series:

Prayers of the People

Aug. 2 – Hannah’s Faith                                  Aug. 23 – Jesus’ Gethsemane Prayer

Promise Prayer                                                  Luke 23:39-46

I Samuel 1:1- 2:11


Aug. 9 –  Solomon’s Prayer for                         Aug. 30 – Stephen’s Forgiveness Prayer

Wisdom                                                            Acts 7:54-60

I Kings 3:5-12


Aug. 16 – Hezekiah’s Prayer for Healing            Sept. 6 – Paul’s Pastoral Prayer

2 Kings 20:1-11                                               Ephesians 3:14-21

I look forward to connecting with you in worship and beyond.
Pastor Dan