Starting May 17th, 2020, the streaming website Church Online Platform will provide our weekly services in addition to Facebook and our main website. This website allows worshipers to interact directly with a host and each other while watching the service on either a computer or mobile device. No accounts are needed. No downloading is needed. It is a free service that privately houses our services so that worshipers can continue to have edifying spiritual formation while worshiping away from the building.

Click the link above or here: to access the website

This platform allows us to provide our services, direct interaction, prayer, notes, a Bible, the order of worship, a schedule, and links to our website all within a private source. You will be greeted with a trained host from our congregation and can return to the service any time during the week. We hope this platform provides a greater opportunity for engagement with our services and each other.

If participation on this site grows and is easier, we may make this platform our primary means of streaming, but for now we will continue to offer all three platforms for viewing our services. In the event that we move forward with Church Online Platform, we will provide the necessary connections to Facebook and our website on behalf of the participants. We look forward to worshiping with everyone on all of our streaming platforms and hope to return to worshiping together soon.